Truncated Process?


Within local halls of power the solving of Richmond’s baseball stadium problem remains a tortured process. The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Graham Moomaw writes about the latest twist — how to properly hire a $50,000 consultant to cover members of City Council’s exposure to more ridicule.

The legal challenges of hiring help came into focus Monday night for the Richmond City Council as city attorneys outlined the process of selecting a consultant to review the plan for a Shockoe Bottom baseball stadium. Timing may be the most critical factor, because Mayor Dwight C. Jones still has not presented a final plan to the council, though his administration is hoping to do so at the April 14 council meeting.

With Council (as pictured above) weighing its options, the search for good answers to looming questions goes on. Just for starters, after 10 years of debate, how does the “truncated process” mentioned in the RT-D article serve the public’s interests? Why $50,000? And, speaking of deadlines, can anyone in City Hall explain the compelling reasons to have a new stadium ready by April of 2016?

With her question at the Council meeting on Feb. 24 Reva Trammell got it right: “Why not let the citizens have their voices heard? Let’s have a referendum.”

Meanwhile, at, Paul Goldman reacts to Moomaw’s article and shines a light on some of what’s going on in the dark.

— Photo from the City of Richmond’s website.



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