Dobey: ‘um, no thanks’

Dobey art

Doug Dobey captured a worthy sentiment succinctly and effectively with this piece of political art. With a gentle sense of humor it riffs on the propaganda being used to sell baseball in the Bottom. Sometimes, with a simple image and a few words such mocking art does a better job of making a point than an essay.

With Doug’s permission it has been posted here. My hope is that it will encourage other artists who are opposed to the plan to build a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom to follow suit and send us their art to post here. By the way, if it’s not yours then we’ll need permission from the artist to use it in this context.

So, let’s have some fun making fun of Mayor Jones’ worst idea. Of course, if you think it really wasn’t his idea, because he hasn’t had an original thought since Hector was a pup, well, that might be fodder for a piece for this series … get to the drawing board.


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