Unmuzzling the Voters Is a Worthy Cause

Why bother? Why walk around town asking people I don’t know to sign a petition? Why is it important to protect Shockoe Bottom from an outrageously inappropriate development scheme? How will democracy become the solution to a longstanding problem?

To answer those questions and some others, I’ve written a piece I hope you’ll take the time read. And, I hope some of my fellow members of the CRG will write down their reasons for joining the group and post them on this website. In the weeks to come, I think our job will become easier as Richmonders understand our motivations.

So now I’ve become a member of an ad hoc group which advocates letting the voters weigh in. Although the Citizens Referendum Group has to collect a whopping 9,800 signatures on its referendum petitions, advocates for building Shockoe Stadium who stand opposed to our petition drive have a tough job on their hands, too. They have to convince voters that too much democracy can be a bad thing. My personal reason for having taken up this cause stems, in part, from being asked to write a story about a benefit show in December for STYLE Weekly.

Click here to read “Unmuzzling the Voters Is a Worthy Cause.”


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