Student Walkout

walkout1 Students at Open High School organized and staged a walkout this morning. They were protesting the dreadful conditions in some Richmond Public Schools and the skewed spending priorities coming out of City Hall. So they’ve taken their grievances directly to City Hall. Students from Community High, as well as other schools, joined them. Many of the kids were carrying signs. Among them were signs protesting the building of a stadium in Shockoe Bottom.

Reports vary but apparently there were between 150 and 200 students involved in the demonstration. Mayor Dwight Jones spoke briefly to some of the protestors, but it seems his words were not all that well received by the kids. No doubt, the last thing Jones wants to see is a second march, next week, with 10 times as many public school students. Then a third march…

walkout2First photo by Charles Williams. Second photo by Kirsten Gray.

Update: Here’s more coverage of the demonstration and the City Council meeting that a few of the students attended: Some student organizers like Isabella Arias was happy to get audience, but wasn’t crazy about the mayor’s answers. She felt the mayor was just putting the blame on the school board. “Something has to change,” she says. “This is ridiculous. We are the future of America. Our city will be built upon the backs of our students.”

And, this followup report.


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