Walkout? Bravo!


The students who staged the Walkout on Monday were asking for Richmond’s adults, especially its elected representatives, to honestly commit to doing better with public education. Honestly. No tricks.

Recent revelations about deplorable conditions in some of Richmond’s public school buildings have been attention-getting. Which certainly made the grievances of the students who participated in the demonstration challenging City Hall’s skewed spending priorities seem all the more legitimate and timely.

One of the most obvious things these students could do to further their cause would be to put Mayor Jones’ political feet to the fire, to give up on his scheme to steal from addressing Richmond’s most pressing needs in order to dump nine figures into building a new baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom. So the anti-baseball-in-the-Bottom folks in Richmond appear to have just picked up a new ally — one with stamina.

So now I’m very much looking forward to what this now-emboldened new force in local politics comes up with next. In the meantime, on behalf of the Citizens Referendum Group, I want to say one word to those students — “Bravo!”

— Photo of students at the City Council meeting from WRIC.com


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