Is Baseball on the Boulevard Making a Comeback?

UKRO18With the publication of this article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the baseball stadium story just got more interesting.

The Boulevard proposal has been in the works since late December, [Jon] Baliles said, and the developers have scheduled a meeting with the Jones administration within the next few weeks. Tammy D. Hawley, the mayor’s press secretary, said she was aware of talks about alternative plans. She said she had no knowledge of a meeting being scheduled…

…Richmond businessman and philanthropist Robert S. “Bobby” Ukrop [pictured above] has been involved in the effort to push the Boulevard option forward. Ukrop played a role in brokering the public-private partnership that built The Diamond.

Click here to read the entire article. No doubt, that Bobby Ukrop’s name is mentioned in connection with a new stadium on the Boulevard makes this possibility seem more likely to have substance. So what’s next?

Let’s hope the press will do its job and ask lots of questions. Since it’s the biggest ongoing story in town, I expect the media will soon have much more to tell us. And, let’s hope some members of City Council will be more forthcoming from here on.

Obviously, if this is a signaling of a further unraveling of the mayor’s plan to build a stadium in Shockoe Bottom, I’m delighted. Meanwhile, this revelation should do nothing to slow down the CRG’s referendum petition drive. After all, some of the same factors that kept this story in the dark are likely to continue to work against any alternatives to building a stadium in Shockoe Bottom. At this point, there’s no reason to believe that City Hall’s highest priority in this matter is to do what’s best for Richmond’s citizens.

— Photo from the RT-D.


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