The Week That Was

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s rendering of how the proposed baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom might look.

Well, it‘s been quite a week. At this writing the momentum against baseball in the Bottom certainly appears to be gathering.

On Monday local high school students walked out of their classes to converge on City Hall. Their demonstration riveted our sometimes squirrelly attention spans to Richmond’s skewed spending priorities that have left school facilities in poor repair. The students carried signs decrying those woeful conditions and protesting Mayor Dwight Jones’ plan to build a new baseball stadium for the Flying Squirrels in Shockoe Bottom.

On Thursday morning the Richmond Times-Dispatch broke the story of a developer’s plan to build a stadium on the Boulevard, perhaps relying on private funds more than public funds. Later on Thursday, City Council voted to remove some of the funding from the proposed stadium in the Bottom development. The RT-D’s Graham Moomaw writes:

The Shockoe Bottom stadium plan suffered a setback late Thursday as a City Council majority voted to remove funding from the city budget for infrastructure improvements tied to the plan. The 5-4 vote does not kill the stadium, but roughly $12.6 million that Mayor Dwight C. Jones proposed for Shockoe floodplain mitigation will have to be reinserted into the budget at a later date should the council decide to move forward with the stadium.

Click here to read the entire article.

Yes, it’s been a rough week for the boosters of Mayor Jones’ puzzling plan for “revitalizing” Shockoe Bottom, which relies a great deal on public funds. And, it’s hard to believe Council’s vote mentioned above was not a reaction, at least in part, to the headlines that proceeded it during the week that was.


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