NPR: ‘Richmond, Va., Wrangling Over Future Of Historic Slave Trade Site’

This morning NPR aired a report on how packaging a proposed slavery museum with a new baseball stadium has become such a controversy in Richmond.

On a warm spring night, more than 150 people gathered in Shockoe Bottom, a name taken from the Native American word for a site in Richmond, Va. This part of town, bounded by I-95 and bisected by railroad lines, was central to a city that prospered from the slave trade.

Click here to read the report or to listen to it as it was offered by Sandy Hausman on Morning Edition.

There’s never been a local political issue quite like this baseball stadium brouhaha. We’ve been at it in Richmond, arguing over where to build a new baseball stadium, for over 10 years. It’s still up in the air.

Meanwhile, City Hall’s case for building a new ballpark in Shockoe Bottom got weaker last week. On Mon., Apr. 28, a student demonstration — they called it a “walkout” — focused the media spotlight on the city’s skewed spending priorities.


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