Skullduggery? Malfeasance? Who Knows?

Now comes this RT-D article, “Officials Mum on Newly Released Shockoe Documents,” written by Graham Moomaw about what’s going on in the dark, to do with Mayor Dwight Jones’ so-called “revitalization” plan.

Some details of the Shockoe Bottom stadium plan emerged this week after a long wait, but the officials who had a hand in crafting the documents are not rushing to explain them.

The documents were released to the Richmond City Council and reporters Monday night, well after an initial deadline of March 27. Neither the chairman of the Richmond Economic Development Authority board nor the administration of Mayor Dwight C. Jones answered follow-up questions Tuesday.

Click here to read the entire exasperating piece.

Then, since no one at City Hall is talking, ask yourself some questions: How can City officials believe this kind of secrecy will foster confidence in their proposals? How can our representatives on City Council go along with this kind of sketchy way of doing the people’s business? Where do baseball-in-the-Bottom boosters get the gall to criticize a competing stadium plan that recently emerged for lacking in details?


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