The EDA Gimmick

Now comes yet another Richmonder who doesn’t like the way Mayor Dwight Jones’ plan to do business behind closed doors is playing out. Michael Martz writes about the latest twist in the stadium story.

Del. G. Manoli Loupassi, R-Richmond, asked House Appropriations Committee Chairman S. Chris Jones, R-Suffolk, on Tuesday to amend the pending state budget to enforce a state law requiring competitive procurement on local projects that receive state financial aid.

“The state’s law protects an important public policy, that is it ensures that public dollars cannot be spent with favored or chosen individuals,” said Loupassi, a former Richmond City Council president who opposes the mayor’s plan…

With good reason Loupassi seems concerned that the Richmond Economic Development Authority is being used gimmick-like to bypass the competitive bid process.

…Under the mayor’s plan, the EDA, a quasi-public body, would act as the city’s agent to oversee the land transactions necessary to construct the stadium, as well as private development proposed as part of the project.

Click here to read “Loupassi Pushing for Open Bids on Shockoe Project.” in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.




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