Doug ‘Squirrelly’ Wilder is having fun again


The wily veteran populist, Doug ‘Squirrelly’ Wilder, 83, is back in the game. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Wilder isn’t through with his effort to sabotage the beleaguered Mayor Dwight Jones’ rather unpopular proposal to build Shockoe Stadium.

Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder has jumped back into the debate over the future of Shockoe Bottom by calling for the creation of a public advisory group on preserving the history of the city’s oldest neighborhood.

Apparently, no matter how many times former Virginia governor/Richmond mayor has changed his mind about the baseball stadium issue, or the establishing of a slavery museum — over the years — in 2014 Wilder stands firmly against whatever Jones wants to do on either matter.

To read the entire RT-D article, written by, Michael Martz, click here.

Yes, Wilder is having fun again … same as it ever was. The illustration above was done in 2008 to accompany a SLANTblog post of mine about Wilder’s shifting positions on the baseball stadium issue and his history of squirrelly moves, in general. For background, click here to read it.


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