RT-D: EDA has ‘less accountability to the voters’

Sports like baseball, football, etc., all have tricky plays that use deceptive moves to gain an advantage. Now comes the Richmond Times-Dispatch to throw a penalty flag at one of Mayor Dwight Jones’ favorite tactics.

…the Richmond Economic Development Authority is struggling with debt. Part of the problem: The Redskins training facility, which is supposed to house more than the Redskins, has some vacancies.

Click here to read the editorial.

Jones’ desire to use the EDA concept to facilitate his so-called “revitalization” plan should make red flags pop up for Richmonders of every political stripe.

Yet, if you try to get someone who favors building a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom to defend using the EDA’s dimly lit path to finance it, what you’re likely to get from them is that it’s all too complicated for the voters/taxpayers to grasp. So you should just shut up and get on the bandwagon for Shockoe Stadium.

Well, rather than shut up, we Richmonders should tell our elected officials we don’t want the EDA gimmick to ever be used again to circumvent prudence and reason when making long-term financial plans and commitments. Today’s RT-D’s comment hit the nail on its head when it said the EDA has “less accountability to the voters.”


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