July 14th Fizzler At City Hall

Shockoe view from River

Bastille Day (July 14th) came and went without the significant the news emerging from the City Council meeting that some had anticipated. Reva Trammell‘s call for an advisory referendum didn’t happen. Instead, she asked for it to be “continued.” Now the next meeting of Council will be on Sept. 8, which would be the time for Trammell‘s referendum resolution to be dealt with by her colleagues … or not.

It appears Trammell met with opposition to the language of her resolution, or perhaps there just aren’t four other members who will support any advisory referendum, no matter how it’s worded. Opposing all referendums is a position some politicians view as a smart one, as they don’t like anything that could been seen as watering down their power.

Meanwhile, the objections to Mayor Dwight Jones’ so-called “revitalization” plan from preservationists continue to pile up. Jones, for his part, keeps on keeping on. And, the plans to keep baseball on the Boulevard, one way, or another, continue to emerge.

— Image from PreservationNation Blog


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