Proposition “A”

Summary: Requires formal review before approval of any development in the Historic East End Shockoe Bottom District.

Official, legal language:

Shall the Charter of the City of Richmond be amended as follows:


(a) Pursuant to the power granted to City Council by Sec. 4.02 of this City Charter, there shall be created, and funding provided for, the Historic East End Shockoe Bottom Commission. The Commission shall promote economic development while at the same time ensuring the fullest possible historic preservation.

(b) The Commission shall prepare a report on how best to achieve economic growth while at the same preserving the vital history of area including the historic record regarding those uniquely significant events having taken place in the Shockoe Bottom area of the Historic East End.

(c) The report shall be prepared and presented to the Mayor and City Council within nine months of the Commission’s creation. The report shall be made public.

(d) Until such time as the Commission has completed its mandated activities and presented its report, the City Council is prohibited from enacting any ordinance or passing any resolution approving, appropriating, authorizing or otherwise generating public funds to help pay for the construction of any baseball stadium, or entertainment arena in the Historic East End Shockoe Bottom area. If, however, City Council has passed such ordinance or resolution by the time the commission is created, City Council will be prohibited from passing any ordinance or resolution approving, appropriating, authorizing, or otherwise generating further such public funds until the Commission’s report is presented.